About Western Fabrication

Western Fabrication Center, LLC

“What do you guys build?”, and the answer is still the same; ANYTHING!

Our Vision

Back in 2000, a couple friends had a vision to create a workplace where it would be enjoyable to work at and yet challenging enough to keep it interesting. So, using the skills that they already had, they started a Steel fabrication shop within an existing company. It was not long before the business started picking up through perseverance, dedication and a commitment to offer an “Anytime” service to meet the needs of fast paced schedules and Mill breakdowns.

Through smart business decisions and keeping fresh goals at the forefront, Western Fabrication has grown to be a leader in the Structural Steel Industry. We still keep Customer Service at the top of our list as well as a commitment to quality. People often ask us, “What do you guys build?”, and the answer is still the same; ANYTHING.

If you are in need of having anything built out of Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel, we would love to offer you a competitive quote for your need. We look forward to hearing from you.

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